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THE 3rd ONE!!!!

Right now we are in the studio and recording our new 3rd album. Release will be in the fall of 2017.
Before that we are releasing a single through High Roller Records this spring. The single will contain two special edition tracks from our latest studio session.
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We are proud to announce that we are releasing our second
album the 30th of october through High Roller Records.

The album is called "Loadead", it contains 10 new songs and is of course
filled with lots of high energy electric guitars. Stay tuned for more info.


This is Deadheads

If you like the early days of Action Rock, and you´ve missed out on Deadheads you should stop what you´re doing right now and give it a go!

Energy energy energy, soulfull vocals and electric guitars. That’s how you describe Deadheads in a short sentence. This four piece band is keeping rock n roll alive since late 2012. Delivering high class, speed full rock with inspiration from the seventies and nineties rock era. In the short time of Deadheads existence the band has so far had a lot up their sleeves. Two vinyl singles have been released and sold out, on spanish Ghost Highway Recordings and american Strange Magic Records. The debut album ”This is Deadheads first album (it includes electric guitars)”, was originally released via Ghost Highway Recordings may 2014 and then re-released 2015 via german High Roller records.

HRR also released the second full length album ”Loadead” later 2015. Both album received great reviews all over the world. Deadheads have also toured in several parts of Europe, played together with bands like Turbonegro, Imperial State Electric, Datsuns, Monster Magnet and Supersuckers. Deadheads is right now planning their third album and a new split 7´ single(with V.o.j.d -ex Black Trip)will see the light of day in the beginning of 2017.

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